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Economic violence: a typology of invisible abuse

As part of the dialogue and from a vision of social work, economic violence will be defined, associated socio-cultural and family aspects will be identified, the types and manifestations of this type of violence will be mentioned and vulnerable populations will be visible. From the legal perspective, Law 54 and positions on economic violence will be reviewed considering international regulations. A look from psychology will explore the importance of eradicating economic violence, the emotional aspects associated with it and the role of physical and emotional health professionals in identifying, preventing and intervening when this type of violence occurs. Finally, a proposal for empowerment against economic violence is presented from the pillars of the Sila M. Calderón Foundation.

  • Dr. Molly Morales Moll, Clinical Psychologist

  • Gloria Meléndez Mulero, Esq., Lawyer, Casa Pensamiento de Mujer del Centro

  • Mrs. Evelyn Nieves García, Program and Service Director, Sila M. Calderon Foundation

  • Mrs. Ana Luz Pérez Reverón, Forensic Social Worker, Ce Transforma

  • Dr. Ilia Vázquez Gascot, Social Community Psychologist

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