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The Role of Sense of Survival and Fear in Investigation and Prosecution

What is it that happens that many women, with the passing of the days, abandon or retract the complaint filed? The Battered Women’s Syndrome is intended to explain why some women are not able to protect themselves effectively or to escape the situation of abuse received by their partners. According to this model, women adapt to the aversive situation and develop strategies to face aggression and minimize emotional suffering. These strategies can be minimization, negation or dissociation, among others.

  • Lcda. Jenice M. Vázquez Pagán, Social Work, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos

  • Romelinda Grullón, Dominican Women Center, Psychologist, Social Worker

  • Dra. Iris Beth Rodríguez, Psychologist, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

  • Lcda. Mardelis Jusino, Journalist and Lawyer

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