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The need for independent thinking and ideas on social policy in Puerto Rico could not be greater. The lack of independent analysis and advice probably explains the gap that exists between government policy makers and academic and professional organizations. This gap exacerbates the already existing disconnection with those who can, through their direct experience, evaluate the suitability of public policies with a theoretical and practical vision of them.

At the same time, the power of human rights as universal language and set of values has never been greater. Related to this, crucial questions and issues centered on human rights have become enormously important in public policy making. Social policy makers at all levels need to be able to identify, understand and formulate answers to these questions.

With all this in mind, there is a clear need for an institution that is independent and broadly credible, not an activist organization, but an institution that carries out independent and scientifically sound research and policy analysis and offers politically viable public policy options on social impact issues in Puerto Rico. Diálogo Social is a non-profit organization that does not represent a specific ideological, political or religious sector, and that integrates a diverse group of people and organizations, among which are:

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  • Academia

  • Social Activism Organizations

  • Community organizations

  • Faith-based organizations

  • Professional organizations

  • Government entities

  • Private sector

Quenes Somos

Our Mission

Let us work to eradicate inequality and violence!

Through The Social Dialogue events, we intend to promote citizenship in the construction of spaces for analysis and discussion to reflect and assess public policy proposals that promote the reduction in social inequities and all kinds of violence. Our mission is to influence and empower, generating processes of citizen participation, as a strategy for the transformation of vulnerable communities, within a culture of collaboration between different sectors based on respect and trust.

Our Vision

Let's build the community we all want!

Our vision is that in our differences, we learn to communicate in a different and innovative way, always focused on defending human rights, democratic principles and the values that define us as Puerto Ricans and as global citizens. We support and defend universal values of humanity, respect, justice, equality, solidarity and peace.


Sustainable Development Goals to which we contribute

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We believe in the exercise of a new citizenry for Puerto Rico


  • To better understand and solve problems within our society, citizens must start by recognizing and respecting social diversity. 

  • Promoting individual capacity for turning oneself into an active participant of all social transformative processes is one of our main goals.

  • Citizens should not be passive objects of social politics, but rather active individuals with multiple ideas and resources to contribute in the making of public policies. 



Innovating and developing social politics with an educational approach is important if we want to promote change. That educational focus lies in people actively engaging in both personal development as well thriving as a community, which in turn promotes their capability of change with a more collaborative mindset.

Values such as autonomy, responsibility and acknowledgement of others are fundamental pillars in the transformation process of a community.


  • Autonomy: the ability to think and act freely in a voluntary and conscious manner, effectively envisioning and communicating their objectives to others, as well as assuming the consequences of their actions.

  • Respect and acknowledgment: acknowledging and respecting others as individuals with constructive/purposeful abilities. Acknowledgment, while bringing us closer to understanding one another, does not necessarily mean agreeing on all or one specific matter. 

  • Responsibility: to be exercised one must be aware of having it. It is our duty to act responsibly when our actions and decisions have an impact on others, for we are held accountable of our actions either morally or legally.



We focus on social policies aimed at groups in social vulnerability, fight against poverty, reduction of social inequality; to guarantee equal economic, social and political opportunities, combat discrimination for reasons of inequity between men and women, ethnic origin, race, age, religion or disability. We aspire to a humane and supportive development of the country through sustained economic growth with social equity.

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Executive Staff

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Ivonne Lozada

Executive Director


Cassandra M. Lozada

Workshops & Training Coordinator


Mildred Huertas

External Funding Coordinator

Equipo Ejecutivo


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San Juan, PR. 00927

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Board of Directors



Dr. Mildred Huertas Solá



Ricardo Díaz Soto, Esq.



Agnes Crespo, Esq.



René Arrillaga, Esq.

Junta Directiva
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