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Special Program: Gender-Based Violence in Political Spaces

As part of the campaign of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, The Social Dialogue broadcast the special program "Gender-Based Violence in Political Spaces". Our guests were former Senator and former Governor's chief of staff, Zoé Laboy Alvarado, the former Secretary of Women’s Affairs of the Puerto Rican Independence Party and activist, Edda I. López Serrano, and the vice president of the Puerto Rico Bar Association and executive director of The Social Dialogue, Ivonne Lozada. The program was moderated by journalist Yanira Hernández Cabiya.

Violence against women in politics is one of the main barriers to women’s access and permanence in leadership, representation and political decision-making. This serious violation of human rights affects the diversity of women around the world, and its approach is critical from States, political organizations, the media and civil society.

Is there really violence against women in politics in Puerto Rico? Join us in this special program.



-Zoé Laboy, lawyer, former Senator

-Edda López, former Secretary of the Puerto Rico Independence Party's Women's Affairs Committee

-Ivonne Lozada, lawyer, vice president of the Puerto Rico Bar Association


-Yanira Hernández Cabiya, journalist, Director of the School of Communications, Interamerican University, Bayamón Campus


-Director: Frankie Bracero

-Technical Director: William Ramírez

We thank the Bayamon Campus of the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico for allowing us to use their studio for InterTV podcast.

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