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Virtual simulation workshops on Gender-Based Violence begin

Last Friday, August 25, the first Virtual Simulation Workshop on Gender Violence was held in which a group of employees from the Autonomous Municipality of Caguas participated. Sixteen participants from various professional and social profiles participated in this unique experience in Puerto Rico.

With this first event begins the cycle of 3 virtual simulation workshops that are part of the agenda to eradicate gender-based violence in The Social Dialogue. Among the issues discussed were the various types of gender-based violence, applicable laws, regulations and protocols, as well as support programs available to survivors of gender-based violence. The facilitators who participated in the workshop were: Ingrid Colberg, Joaquín Vázquez, Cassandra M. Lozada and Ivonne Lozada, Executive Director of Social Dialogue.

During the past six years, 47,787 incidents were registered in Puerto Rico, and 83.4% of the victims were women. The recent feminicides, and the circumstances surrounding them, have generated discussions that suggest the need of new tools for awareness-raising, prevention and attention to cases of gender-based violence in Puerto Rico. 

This alarming situation, along with the thousands of victims of gender-based violence in Puerto Rico, motivated Social Dialogue to develop this new virtual simulation tool.

The purpose of this project is to offer, within the public, private, community and academic sectors, interactive simulation workshops on gender-based violence to train, educate and raise awareness about gender-based violence through virtual experimentation. Each group of participants we train will have an impact over thousands of people in the community.

If you want to participate or learn more about the Virtual Simulation Workshops, you can write to:

To learn more about The Social Dialogue visit

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