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8M Coalition Repudiates Labor Reform Annulment and Calls to Join March 8 Rally

The Coalition of March 8 (C8M), through its spokesperson, repudiates the anti-worker decision issued on March 3, 2023, by Judge Taylor Swain, which declares null and void Law 41-2022, better known as the Labor Reform, which had restored some of the labor rights that had been eliminated by Ricardo Rosselló’s PNP government and expanded others.

"According to the decision issued by Judge Taylor Swain, it was an incontrovertible fact during the judicial suit that the government, namely Pierluisi and the AAFAF, did not submit the information requested by the Judge and by the Fiscal Control Board on several occasions, Nor did they meet the requirements of the PROMESA Act to defend the implementation of Law 41-2022. Therefore, Pierluisi’s NPP administration was, at the very least, complicit with the Junta in annulling its own laws," Rosa Seguí said.

"Working women make up the majority of the working class, so this government inaction and negligence disproportionately affects us. Even with the rights that were extended by Law 41-2022, we continue to suffer labor discrimination because of our gender. Most of us have to assume the economic responsibility of the home as single mothers and because, in addition, we disproportionately carry unpaid domestic work and care, and we do not have time to attend to our health. And especially, at this time when there is a direct attack on the working class and in particular on working women with increases in tolls, food, income, threats of further increases in the cost of light, this decision strikes again the people who move the country’s economy," said Rosa E. Ferrer Camacho.

"This action by the Fiscal Control Board, Judge Taylor Swain and the NPP government is a direct attack on our dignity and our quality of life. How is it possible that legislation passed by elected officials, in accordance with our Constitution, is declared null and void because an anti-democratic and colonial entity applied to a court? Therefore, now more strongly, we call the people to meet on March 8, from 4:00pm to 5:30pm, in front of the headquarters of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, to demand that the governor finally challenge the Fiscal Control Board and enforce the laws signed, specifically, Law 41-2022," concluded Alice Perez.

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