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International Women's Day Event- Wednesday, March 8th 2023

Various feminist, social, trade union, professional, political and individual organizations grouped under the Coalition 8 March (C8M), call the country to demonstrate on Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 4:00pm in front of the building of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources in Rio Piedras. With the motto "Green Justice is Justice for Women", the Coalition emphasizes the right to a healthy life, in control of our bodies, sustainable, free and in brotherhood with the rest of living beings and the planet.

"Our motto proposes a fight from an anti-racist gender perspective that fights against a system that privileges one racial group over another; decolonial, because it promotes breaking with the modern logics of modernity and addressing the problems of Puerto Rico, from and for Puerto Rico; abolitionist, since it defends restorative justice against punitive justice; and anti-speciesist, since it recognizes that no species is above the others," the C8M explained in its Manifesto.

The Women’s Justice proposed by the C8M is a justice that leaves no living being behind, which promotes health, freedom and collective justice. This Green Justice is environmental, anti-racist, decolonial and abolitionist education. It is also reproductive justice and advocates for an accessible and quality health system.

The Green Justice includes the right to decent housing, along with the elimination of forced displacement. And it’s labor justice for working women. It’s also animal and climate justice. Finally, green justice is access and energy security, and dignified retirement: people first than debt.

This March 8 will be dedicated to women who have bet on the justice of women from their different spaces: the union struggle of Cadillac Uniforms workers, the struggle and activism of the environmental leader and founder of Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas, Tinti Deyá and the struggle and activism of the gynecologist and fervent advocate of reproductive justice, Dr. Yari Vale Moreno.

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