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The Social Dialogue receives a donation from The Puerto Rico Community Foundation (FCPR)

The Social Dialogue received a $10,000 donation from the Puerto Rico Community Foundation, to support the program of intensive workshops offered by DocuPerú in Puerto Rico.

This donation will be received by Diálogo Social Puerto Rico, in its role as fiscal sponsor, and will deliver it to DocuPerú in Puerto Rico, Inc. for the implementation of the workshop program. It has been designed with the purpose of engaging in discussion of the paradigm developed by the organization in the use of documentary work. Likewise, present documentaries produced in the different territories that have implemented the project and share reflections, together with the findings obtained in the interventions carried out over the past 20 years, throughout Peru and other countries in Latin America.

The project proposes to serve Afro-descendant or visibly black populations with challenges at an environmental, socioeconomic level, racial discrimination and their intersections with issues related to gender and class impede the quality of dignified life. Through this initiative, it seeks to generate changes in narratives to make social identities visible, promote the exchange of knowledge among those who participate, and build links between communities as a solution to discrimination and marginalization.

The intention of the proposal is aligned with the FCPR program called Institute for the Construction of Racial Equity in the Americas (ICERLA), from the pillar of Change of Narrative, which promotes equity and racial justice in Puerto Rico, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Puerto Rico Community Foundation is a philanthropic organization with a 35-year history of collaboration with donors and communities. It is the first of its kind in the Caribbean and Latin America and the only one of its kind in Puerto Rico. For more information, visit

The Social Dialogue is recognized as a 1101.01 (a)2 organization of the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code and as a 501(c)(3) organization of the Federal Internal Revenue Code, so depending on your tax status you You can claim a deduction on your contribution.

To learn more about The Social Dialogue visit

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