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Causes and Consequences of Gender-based Violence

Gender inequity and discrimination are the root causes of violence against women, influenced by historical and structural imbalances of power between women and men that exist in varying degrees throughout all communities in the world.

Violence against women and girls is related both to their lack of power and control and to social norms that prescribe the roles of men and women in society and condone abuse. Inequities between men and women transcend the public and private spheres of life; transcend social, economic, cultural and political rights; and manifest themselves in restrictions and limitations on women’s freedoms, choices and opportunities. These inequities can increase the risks of women and girls suffering abuse, violent relationships and exploitation, due to economic dependence, limited forms of survival and income-earning options, or discrimination before the law in matters relating to marriage, divorce and child custody rights.

Violence against women and girls is not only a consequence of gender inequity but reinforces the low position of women in society and the multiple disparities between women and men. (United Nations General Assembly, 2006)

  • Hon. Migdalia González, Senator, President of the Women's Affairs Senate Committee

  • Dr. Vilmania G. Mambrú Tavárez, Graduate Program in Psychology, Ana G. Méndez University

  • Dr. Mirelsa Modestti González, Social psychologist

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