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Finding Hope in the Courts

This thematic table aims to address judicial policy on gender-based violence. Analysis of the response of the administration of justice to incidents of violence against women. While the efforts of several countries to adopt a legal and policy framework to address violence against women that includes a range of remedies and judicial protection mechanisms have been recognized, there is a dichotomy between their formal availability and their suitability for remedying such acts of violence. In fact, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has found that the judicial response to cases of violence against women is significantly deficient and does not correspond to the seriousness and incidence of the problem.

  • Judge Raiza Cajigas Campbell, Municipal Judge, Superior Court of San Juan's Specialized Domestic Violence Courtroom

  • Lieutenant Aymeé Alvarado, Domestic Violence Division, Puerto Rico Police Department

  • Prosecutor Laura Hernández, Director, Division for the Coordination of Specialized Domestic Violence Units, Sexual Offences, Child Abuse and Drugcourt Program

  • Lcda. Mardelis Jusino, Journalist and Lawyer

Program for the Management of Domestic Violence Cases and Specialized Domestic Violence Chambers

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