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"Giving Tuesday" Hybrid Happy Hour ¡You're invited!

You invite the first round, then we'll talk.

A couple of months ago we set about formalizing Social Dialogue. What began as an organic think tank has become a space for activism and collaboration in the analysis and proposals of social public policies for the protection and defense of human rights. But like all organizations we need the support of collaborators like you who share the principles of our organization.

What brings us to a reality... in a community like ours, it’s hard to raise funds. So this is our proposal... let’s have a date, first virtual and then face-to-face. You invite the first drink. Then, if you are interested, we can meet personally and talk more about our projects, events and workshops. You'll also be able to meet our team. To coordinate face-to-face meeting you can email us at

For now, this is the cocktails menu. Go ahead and donate us the equivalent of the first drink!

**The value of each virtual cocktail represents the equivalent of your donation.

Payment with credit cards or PayPal

If you want to donate with a credit card or bank account you can do it through PayPal.

If you prefer to donate with a credit card and you do not have a PayPal account, you can do so without the need to create an account.

Payment with check by mail

If you wish, you can pay by check payable to Diálogo Social Puerto Rico, Inc. You can send it to our postal address:

Diálogo Social Puerto Rico Attn. Ivonne Lozada 308 Calle 32 (Ave. Américo Miranda) San Juan, PR 00927

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