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National Collective "Todos Somos Pueblo" announces new march/rally against LUMA

The National Collective "Todos Somos Pueblo" has been developing multiple activities to denounce and demand the cancellation of the contract of Luma, to form a new public corporation responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of energy, the return of former PREPA workers dispersed in other agencies, and the early implementation of a renewable energy project for the island.

"Among the activities scheduled, we announce a Rally-March next Sunday, November 27, which will begin (from 1:00 PM) in the Plaza Colón del Viejo San Juan and march to Calle de la Resistencia, said environmentalist Juan Camacho.

In addition, according to Father Pedro spokesman of the National Collective TSP said that "We have organized and developed the activities in relation to November 30, date in which the first expiration of the contract with Luma is fulfilled, however, we know that still achieving a victory, On December 1, we’ll have Luma operating power transmission and distribution systems.

Therefore, our fight in the National Collective does not end on that date. Each one of the members of the collective is against privatization of essential services, including, of course, the privatization of electric power as a basic human right".

"That is why we reiterate: LUMA and those who have become their accomplices blindly in this time of electric power misfortune, need to go out" the priest added.

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