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Women, Faith and Gender Violence

Victims of domestic violence in faith-based communities is largely misunderstood and neglected. Few clergy are trained to understand the complexities of domestic violence, address safety issues, and make appropriate referrals. As a result, they may focus on relationship rather than abuse, counsel victims and abusers together, approach abuse as a "cross to bear" of the victim, encourage wife and male leadership submission, prohibit divorce and/or ask for forgiveness. At the same time, victim advocates are often ill-equipped to understand the very specific spiritual and biblical challenges and barriers faced by these victims. Attendees will learn about the dangerous teachings that trap and endanger victims, gain skills to respond to the specific obstacles victims encounter, and learn tips for educating and supporting victims and survivors in faith-based communities.

  • Dr. Agustina Luvis- Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico, Taller Salud

  • Dr. Glorymar Rivera Báez- ReHace, Methodist Church

  • Dr. Ilia Marie Vázquez Gascot- Community Social Psychology, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus

  • Dr. Ada Alvarez Conde- Human Rights Activist and Communications Professor


Violencia de Género- Una mirada desde la fe cristiana
Download PDF • 2.08MB

Mas allá de las Buenas Intenciones, la Necesidad de Protocolos de Intervención
Download PDF • 3.21MB

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