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Working with the Gender Violence Offender

The problem of gender-based violence has multiple dimensions. Efforts have been made to address this issue since the enactment of legislation, the creation of educational curricula aimed at raising awareness of the gender perspective, issues of inequity and gender discrimination, and the establishment of programmes to assist victims. However, working with the aggressors(s) has not been an effective field. It is essential to accept the importance of knowing the genesis of the problem and to be able to address it from its center, without leaving out any of the elements that could be contributing to perpetuate the problem and that do not allow the other efforts to achieve the expected effectiveness. There are few evidenced resources dedicated to creating programs aimed at working with the aggressors(s), beyond penalizing or institutionalizing them(s). Working with this population is essential to be effective in addressing the problem of gender-based violence.

  • Clinical psychologist, Clinical Psychologist

  • Dr. Lorena Vázquez, Forensic Psychologist

  • Lersy Boria Vizcarrondo, Puerto Rico Women's Advocate

  • Dr. Ada Alvarez Conde, Communications Professor, Human Rights Activist

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